So we’re trudging along in the corporate world working towards someone else’s dream at a pace that was not going to get us working on a dream of our own. While visiting with family over some good food and wine, we started talking about the food truck craze that seemed to be going on, and this brought on the conversation of what type of food would we put on a food truck….and the concept began.


Chief Griller: Lance Smith and his Sous-griller, Beth Smith.

Married for over 42 years and still going strong.


Lance has always had a passion for grilling food. Whether at home grilling for family and friends or at group gatherings and charity events, he has a knack and a flair for great tasting gourmet meals.

Our concept is healthy eating without losing the great flavor or taste that brings everyone to the table. No frying, no microwave ovens and we don’t char our food. Fresh cooked food when you order. We buy organic when we can and local when available. So, come join us and Get Addicted!


Truck Wrap 2018 - present

Truck Wrap 2018 - present

Truck Wrap - 2013 - 2018